Milan – Italy

Milan was our first stop in Italy, first impressions were that Milan was just another big bustling city – a steaming hot city at that! The concrete radiated the heat, making it tough to get around as the sun beamed down from above and bounced back up from the ground below. But if you managed to catch dusk or waited until dawn something remarkable happened. The temperature would become more bearable. Without the unrelenting sun you could appreciate the Milanese architecture in all of it’s beauty, with spectacular azure blue summer skies. A modern urban scape criss crossed by power lines is how I remember Milan – a mix of the old and new. Click thumbnail for full image.

Milan_s1 Milan_s2 Milan_s3 Milan_s4 Milan_s5
Milan_s6 Milan_s7 Milan_s8 Milan_s9 Milan_s10
Milan_s11 Milan_s12 Milan_s13 Milan_s14

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