Cinque Terre – Italy

Beautiful Cinque Terre – Ideal for resting, sun bathing, meandering and soaking up Italian culture.

My first time in Cinque Terre was filled with pure amazement. I knew I would return. It was my second time in Cinque Terre that I really learned to appreciate it for all of its wonder. People watching in Cinque Terre was a past time in itself, you can truly immerse yourself in the local culture and be surrounded by locals. (Note: I did not travel to Cinque Terre at the height of the travel season.)

My accommodation in Cinque Terre has always been a home stay or B&B – I think this makes all of the difference. Elise our host in Monterosso al Mare made our stay truly amazing.

For the first time on my blog I am starting to include some photos of food, the Italian connection with food amazes and inspires me. From a simple breakfast at a stand up espresso bar to a long lunch of fresh seafood you are always guaranteed fresh produce with traditional italian style. Chat to the restaurant owners to find out where there food comes from and watch them come to life as they share their passion for the produce and their cooking.

Mediterranean azure blue days to remember.

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CinqueTerre_s1 CinqueTerre_s2 CinqueTerre_s3 CinqueTerre_s4 CinqueTerre_s5
CinqueTerre_s7 CinqueTerre_s8 CinqueTerre_s9 CinqueTerre_s10 CinqueTerre_s11
CinqueTerre_s12 CinqueTerre_s13 CinqueTerre_s14 CinqueTerre_s15 CinqueTerre_s16
CinqueTerre_s17 CinqueTerre_s18 CinqueTerre_s19 CinqueTerre_s20

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