Florence – Italy

Florence is one of those cities that I just felt I belonged in as soon as I arrived. It is beautiful and charming and also vibrant and inspiring.

A big city – no doubt – but a city  that oozes history and culture.

My favourite experiences in Florence were discovering the food. The pasta and meat dishes below were found in a basement restaurant.

In an unmarked building down a dark street. My new husband and I (honeymoon trip) spied a crowd of people and decided to follow them into what we presumed to be a restaurant. Thankfully it was and the owners were accommodating and found a table for us. Lucky as the food was amazing!

It felt for a moment that we had become part of Florence – magic.

We had some rainy days in Florence, not to worry though. In avoiding the rain we discovered the greatest lemon gelato in the world. It was in a nondescript bar/bistro style place. We asked what we should have and the waiter suggested the house made lemon gelato – a house specialty. Now in Italy I didn’t know if that would mean much – lemon gelato seemed almost like a staple – but after some to-ing and fro-ing (along with an inability to say in Italian and lack of heart to tell the waiter) we decided on the lemon sorbet – sublime.


All subsequent lemon gelato shall now be compared to this.

Having been to Florence previously I was looking for something beyond the usual tourist destinations and we found that in the Florentini.

Click thumbnail for full image.

Florence_s1 Florence_s2 Florence_s3 Florence_s4 Florence_s6
Florence_s5 Florence_s7 Florence_s8 Florence_s9 Florence_s10
Florence_s11 Florence_s13 Florence_s12 Florence_s14 Florence_s15
Florence_s16 Florence_s17 Florence_s19 Florence_s20 Florence_s18

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