Hoi An – Vietnam

Hoi An was a pleasant surprise in Vietnam, a last minute addition to our Asian trip that was well worth the effort.

Beautiful colonial architecture mingled with Vietnamese culture provided a photographer’s delight.


Then when you need to take some time out from the oppressive heat there is a multitude of great restaurants offering delicious wholesome food. My favourite was Miss Ly‘s, they get extra points after I was assured that the vegetarian pho was indeed made with vegetable stock – a concern that I had all over Vietnam was that my vegetarian food was being tainted with a non vegetarian based stock. Not a concern at Miss Ly’s!

Click thumbnail for full image.

HoiAn_s2 HoiAn_s1 HoiAn_s3 HoiAn_s4 HoiAn_s5
HoiAn_s6 HoiAn_s7 HoiAn_S9 HoiAn_s10 HoiAn_s11
HoiAn_s12 HoiAn_s13 HoiAn_s14

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