Rome – Italy

Throw one coin in the Trevi Fountain and you will return to Rome they said, throw two and you will come back and be kissed, three and you will come back and find love. I have seen many different variations of this legend but that is the one that I heard on my first visit to the fountain. I have found that all variations have one common trait – they all refer to returning to Rome. Rome_10 So I threw as many coins into the fountain as I could thinking that I would stack the odds in my favour – how many times could I really return to Rome and be married anyway? It either worked or regardless my path with Rome was destined to cross on multiple occasions – and I can happily advise that enthusiastic coin tossing does not result in multiple marriages!  Rome has always been high on my tourist destination list, as an archaeology enthusiast how could I resist. My first trip to Rome focussed on visiting Rome’s main attractions and they were truly amazing. My favourite visits to Rome have however been my subsequent visits, when you no longer seek out the main attractions and you can truly immerse yourself in what it is to be in Rome and soak up the lifestyle. Wandering the streets of Rome I always find something new, a new neighbourhood, a new restaurant, a new view… regardless it is always spectacular. And I find even without seeking out the attractions you often happen by them by default anyway – always throwing a couple of coins in the Trevi fountain. Why tempt fate…

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Rome_s1 Rome_s2 Rome_s3 Rome_s4 Rome_s5
Rome_s6 Rome_s7 Rome_s8 Rome_s9 Rome_s10
Rome_s11 Rome_s12 Rome_s13 Rome_s14 Rome_s15

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