Giants with their heads in the clouds

New Zealand’s South Island.

…and by giants I am referring to mountains.

Often us Aussies postpone trips to New Zealand, it is in our backyard, just over the ditch. We can go at any time, we go far abroad and plan to discover NZ later when we can’t fly so far.

This was my mindset anyway. But a flight was booked to NZ on my behalf and away I went.

My resolution – there is no need to wait to visit NZ!

The South Island was simply breathtaking, we hired a car and drove around the island for just under two weeks.


What I remember distinctly was the size of the mountains, mountains in Australia were dwarfed to mere hills in comparison. It was amazing to feel so small in comparison to the natural world around us.

Driving was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it. We often pulled to side of the road mesmerised by the vast landscapes – mountain tops that disappeared through the clouds, clouds that came down to meet you at the ground level, pristine bodies of water and magical daylight effects.


Queenstown was wonderful as well, we were not there for the ski season so we had a different experience. But I feel that Queenstown is one of those ‘international cities‘ where people from all over the world come together and create a city of mixed cultures. These cities are not like normal cities, but almost like transient cities where people often drop by for short periods of time.

When you ask where people are from the answer is more often than not the city were you are. Cities full of stories from around the world, you experience more in these cities than just what the local community has to offer.

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NZ_s2 NZ_s5 NZ_s4 NZ_s6 NZ_s7
NZ_s8 NZ_s10 NZ_s11 NZ_s9 NZ_s13
NZ_s14 NZ_s15 NZ_s16 NZ_s17 NZ_s24

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