Extraordinary attention to detail

Barcelona and tapas go hand in hand and if you’re lucky enough to get your booking sorted two months before you get there you might just be able to have some of the most extraordinary food of your life.

The restaurant is Tickets and it is an amazing combination of the most extraordinary tapas food that is delivered with wonderful theatre and spectacle. It is tapas like you’ve never seen before using inspiring techniques to change textures and flavours – explosions for your senses.

Now as I mentioned you have to have pre-planned for this experience and whilst I have heard that you might be lucky enough to get a walk in, I wouldn’t risk it.

Two months in advance the table reservations are released online at the strike of midnight – Spanish time. You need to be fast as people all around the world snap up the tables quickly. We managed to get one for an 11.30am sitting on a Saturday morning – fortunately one of the three days we would be in Barcelona.

But whatever time you manage to get I highly recommend that you take the chance for an experience that you won’t forget quickly.

Ticket’s liquid olives.
Puffed spicy saffron “squid”.
Crusted sea bass with mojo sauce.
Grilled lobster.
Confit potatoes with ham.
Iberico pork in mole sauce.
Oysters served 2 ways.
“Molette” with double chin.
Mango sorbet with a mango cone.
Hot and cold chocolate fritters.
Lemon ice cream.
Gusanitos – mint marshmallows.
Cherry tree.

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