Live Florence: Maintaining your facade

Where on earth can I buy decent moisturiser in Florence…

If you find yourself in Florence for a prolonged period of time – or maybe you just didn’t bring enough supplies for a short period of time – you might start wandering where you can replenish your toiletries supply.

It is not as simple as you might think, at first glance Florence does not have an equivalent to the likes of Priceline, or so it might seem if you are in the heart of Florence.

Yes there are supermarkets that stock a small supply of toiletries, but if you want something beyond the basics or something that is better for your skin – something organic perhaps – the supermarket is just not going to cut it for long. La Farmacia is not going to supply you with an large range of supplies either, in fact pharmacies in Italy are really just that… a pharmacy.

So where can you go if you find yourself short on shampoo or that indulgent face moisturiser that you swear you brought enough of with you.

Well thankfully in our first month in Florence we were a 15 minute bus ride outside of the centre of Florence and we happened by a CAD, just around the corner from our apartment – how convenient. And as it so happens a CAD IS the equivalent of a Priceline. What a find.

Now to stock up on my supplies.

However after another couple of months living in the heart of Florence I found myself short on supplies once more, the downside of moving to the other side of the world with only carry on luggage.

Now simply put I could have taken the bus out to the original CAD but there was no need as there is one within only 15 minutes walking distance from the heart of Florence. For locations in Florence see here: CAD – Florence.


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