Live Florence: This towel won’t cut it any longer

So we chose the furnished apartment fully equiped with linen and towels. But what do you do if those towels aren’t up to you standards. Perhaps they’re so old they’ve got holes in them or they’re so hard they can stand up by themselves. Needless to say if you’re staying somewhere longer than a couple of days it might be nice to have your own towel and while your at it a nice new clean set of sheets.

Now all over Florence there are Manchester stores, really really expensive ones. If you’re happy to splurge then knock yourself out, I’m sure they’re lovely and made from the finest material. But as a light traveller there is no way I’ll have space to bring any of this finery home. So I’m looking for a more affordable option.

Now what happens when you think of cheap homewares… IKEA probably comes to mind. Well you’re in luck, Florence has its very own IKEA and it’s only 15 minutes from the centre just near the airport. And now for the best bit they have a free shuttle from Santa Maria Novella train station. Check here for the schedule, but I think it was hourly.

One word of advice the shuttle can get pretty full so arrive early or avoid the weekend if you can.

And as you would assume IKEA looks the same everywhere and has all the same products that you’re used to, so if you need any kitchen ware or little bits and pieces for your home you are set.


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