Live Florence: A breakfast fry up, is it possible?

Breakfast in Italy is fairly basic and focussed more around the coffee. It is quick and simple and essentially not the most important meal of the day. An Italian colazione can quite simply be a basic pastry  – perhaps to be dunked into your morning espresso.

Yes you could wait for lunch to have a bigger meal, but in Italy often restaurants don’t start serving food until 12:30 when restaurants open for lunch. The idea of brunch is essentially unheard of.

As a westerner after a few months of life in Florence I found myself craving a bigger breakfast, a fry-up one might say – well a vegetarian one at that. Heck I really just wanted to eat a poached egg on sourdough bread, maybe throw in some avocado for good measure.

This type of breakfast is pretty hard to come by in Italy, you could visit some of the hotels for an all-day breakfast though.

Is it going to be great? I’m not sure I didn’t eat at any hotels and am only assuming that they offer western style breakfasts. Incidentally I did notice this place serving western breakfast – Caffé Il Sole, Via Guelfa, 25. I never ate there though so cannot vouch for their food, nor their idea of what constitutes breakfast.

So how do I suggest you manage to have a decent western breakfast in Florence, well I suggest you grab some bread and make yourself breakfast at home. While you’re out buying bread grab a coffee though and possibly a small pastry on the way.

I waited for a weekend in London to have my poached egg on sourdough, twice in one day!!

If it isn’t the Italian way you’re not likely to find it well done in Italy, so try it the Italian way or make it at home.


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