Live Florence: A roof over your head

So you’re planning on staying in Florence for a prolonged period of time? Need a place to stay? Have you considered airbnb?

We would have stayed in an airbnb apartment for our entire stay if we could have found one available for the entire stay. This was the challenge, so I would recommend booking early.


If you go airbnb you will likely have a fully equipped apartment for a very reasonable price. It will also save you some of the paperwork associated with staying somewhere for a longer period of time. And most importantly your utilities will be included – although in some cases if you stay for a long period of time the airbnb owner will on-charge the utilities. Just be sure to read the property details.

But if like us you left your planning too late airbnb may not be a viable option. So our first four weeks were in an airbnb apartment but then we had to find somewhere more permanent. We weren’t keen on moving around every couple of weeks.


We did attempt to find an apartment from home, but it seemed that the prices for tourist long-stay rentals were incredibly high. So we decided to wing it when we go there.

After arriving we visited some real estate agents for short-stay rentals, but it was quite complicated to do this as a tourist. So we found ourselves resorting back to airbnb… until we found Apartments Florence, they were great.

They had apartments in the heart of Florence for really reasonable rates and available for longer periods of time. They took care of all of the paperwork and also sorted the utilities for you. They sort of acted as the middle-man between you, the tenant, and the owner of the property.

The other bonus was if we had any trouble with something not working they would come and fix it, saving us from having to find our own Italian handy-man.

The apartments are also fully furnished and come with linen, which as a light traveller can be ideal.

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