Live Florence: Green spaces in the heart of Florence

Sometimes it might seem that Florence is nothing more than a concrete jungle with a few manicured piazzas breaking up the architecture.

This is not the case, we found quite a few green spaces that you could enjoy and escape the seemingly endless concrete.

I would say the most remarkable green space that we found was Cascine Park, about 130 hectares of green space stretching along the bank of the Arno. And the best bit… It’s FREE!! 

It’s the perfect place for getting away, walking, running or playing sports. There are a few places where you can hire different equipment too, bikes for example.

Scattered throughout the park are Italian style kiosks, it is at one of these kiosks that I had the best pizza in Florence. Disclaimer I actually don’t appreciate the Florence style pizza so the one in the park is more a cheap style pizza, closer to the one that I would get at home.

The Boboli gardens are also quite impressive, but not free and much more of  a tourist destination. And there are both smaller gardens scattered throughout the city for a quick outing.

But I would highly recommend Cascine Park which is within walking distance from most parts of Florence and you can even walk along the Arno for a particularly pleasant stroll.

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