Live Florence: Is the Piazza really the only public toilet?

One might walk around Florence and find there aren’t any public toilets, this can be particularly challenging if you’re pregnant. But based on my experience, and with Florence being a rather small city I am going to point out some toilets – arguably public and most importantly free.

There are some great toilets at Il Mercato Centrale, they’re usually clean and the food court at the market is open 10am to 12pm, 7 days a week. And being quite central this is a very convenient choice.


Coin – a large department store has a toilet in the women’s underwear section. There are only two, one male and one female and often there was a queue and they weren’t always clean. But it was a toilet nonetheless when you’re in a pinch and the market is a little further away. These toilets are only open during store hours though.

And they were the two free toilets that allowed me to stay out and about in Florence without worrying where I could go. Of course restaurants and cafes have toilets but they’re not likely to allow non-paying customers use them.

Santa Maria Novella train station and the shopping centre have public toilets but they’re not free and a payment is required. I think the fee is not worth paying, perhaps you’re better off taking that euro and buying a coffee so you can use the toilet at a cafe.

Please don’t think that the trees in the Piazzas or small streets are suitable places to go to the toilet. Considering there are so few public toilets public urination can be a bit of a problem – don’t add to it.

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