Live Florence: The price of tea

If you’re like me, you might enjoy a lovely hot cup of tea but are completely against the exorbitant prices charged for the simple mixing of tea bag and hot water out in the public – sometimes even more than coffee!!

This is why it is important to be able to enjoy the odd cuppa in the comfort of your own home and enjoy a delicious coffee when out and about.

The only problem might be finding small appliances when living abroad, this was particularly the case in Florence. Now if I were to stay in Florence for a prolonged period of time I wouldn’t object to buying the high-end top-of-the-range kettle, but for a few months couldn’t I just settle to boiling water on the stove.

What I did find however was finding a store to purchase small appliances was almost impossible. Simple items like kettles or toasters, basic kitchen equipment in a western household was non existent in the standard Italian kitchen.

Well to be honest there was a kettle in the apartment – an unusable one by my standards though. There was so much lime scale built up in it I am not sure it had been used in years, or was this just due to the very hard water in Florence.

My first piece of advice is learn to live without these appliances, boil water in a pot and toast bread in a frying pan. If you cannot there were small stores scattered throughout the streets selling appliances, not necessarily cheap and not necessarily the best equipment.  You could always try a small hardware store or variety store as well. Or if not how about buy one on one of your travels abroad… maybe from London…

We never ended up buying any though and stuck with the saucepan and frying pan.


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