LiveFlorence: #localeats Gelati

Florence – where one can eat gelati until they burst! Because they have the BEST gelati in the world! According to some polls and me anyway.

But I believe if you know where to look you CAN find the best gelati in the world, but beware as there is also plenty of average and plenty of bad gelati too.

My Sugar: Wins my vote for the best artisanal gelateria in Florence, it is small and is often missed on the top 10 lists when it should be included.


I think to be the best ‘gelatisan’ you need to start with the best lemon gelato. Perhaps the simplest of gelati – well actually sorbetto – but the hardest to make perfect. Because My Sugar have a remarkable lemon gelato I vote them the winner of the best gelati in Florence. It is exquisite – the texture, flavour balance and sweetness to sourness ratio – Perfect! All of their other flavours are just as delightful. Keep in mind though being a small artisanal store they have somewhat limited flavours. This is what makes them the best though I think, their focus makes them better.

But if your gelati dream is of rows and rows of gelati, with flavours you can’t even imagine I recommend my close second choice. Mostly because they are also delicious but tipping the scales in their favour with my favourite fig gelati is Perche No. Their gelati is fantastic and you won’t be disappointed, you could return every day and try a new flavour. So we often did.



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