5 villages to kickstart my wanderlust

Cinque Terre was my awesome introduction to Italy 15 years ago, I’ve since returned and my wanderlust for both Cinque Terre and Italy remain.

My first visit had me working backwards – or forwards if you will – from Riamaggiore through to Monterosso al Mare.

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Whereas my latest trip was in the reverse order. The marvel of Cinque Terre is her lack of cars and traffic, a complete escape from what we generally experience in our horrendous daily commute.

You also can’t look past her awesome seafood cuisine, being a seaside location you can have some of the most amazing Italian seafood cuisine.

The true beauty of Cinque Terre though is how she is fitted around the cliff faces, Blending and merging with the earth, rather than changing the landscape to suit. The locals have changed their construction to embrace the notoriously rocky Ligurian cliff faces.

I have once again cheekily combined two wordpress photo challenges together as I missed last weeks.

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