Living the Italian dream: Take 2, Genoa

The big decision – where to go. Decision made – Genoa.

Oh this will do just fine… #italianlife #genoa #genova

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So after a two year hiatus from our Italian life we have returned. This time skipping our beloved Florence for somewhere a little off the beaten-tourist-trodden-path.

We decided we would definitely going to return to Italy, but the question was where. After having spent several months in Florence and completely falling in love with it, we decided we wanted to go somewhere a little less touristy.

Because amongst all her wonders, Florence is a crazy-hectic tourist destination that is always busy and perhaps not quite the experience we thought we were looking for. Although as it turned out, Florence was exactly what we were looking for at the time.

We also felt we were immersing ourselves in a tourist culture more than the iconic Italian culture that we were after. I mean after all we lived there for almost 7 months and can speak barely any Italian.

But I digress, this post is how we arrived on our new destination – Genoa.

Ok in all honesty, it was a quick ad-hoc decision. There were so many places on the list, we knew that we wanted to be by the sea and after reading this blog post, Genoa was the place.

Genoa Isn’t Rome or Florence. That’s Part of Its Charm. 

So we had made our decision and now we’re here to explore Genoa – or Genova if you will – join us on our journey when we rediscover Italy from our new home and base.

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