Italian beachside ghost towns in January

A coastal Italian town in winter may seem like an odd choice for our new home but we chose it nonetheless.

After two months in the busy bustling city of Genoa/Genova we were ready for a slower pace and after a late December day-trip to Santa Margherita we were sold.

Santa Margherita boasted a glorious Italian coastal village, complete with quaint Christmas markets and what seemed like a location too good to be true. And after having scored an excellent deal on out-of-season accommodation we packed up and relocated our new Italian life to Santa Margherita.

Fast-forward a few weeks though and we were met with Italy’s ghost-town like ferie season. Santa Margherita had closed-up shop and gone elsewhere. It was reminiscent of that time we visited Rome in August, Italy’s capital closed for one of Italy’s holiday seasons.

In January the beautiful Ligurian coastal town of Santa Margherita – a few kilometres from the famed Portofino – you will find streets of closed roller-doors and signs of closure for ferie.

As it turns out that wasn’t such a bad thing after all. It was a wonderful peaceful time to unwind from the hectic schedule of Genoa and our past corporate lives in Australia.

Come the end of January though Santa Margherita has started to re-emerge from her winter’s hibernation. The once closed-up streets are now dotted with more and more shops every day. We can see our future here – thankfully as we just signed an annual lease.

It already had all we needed – coastal vistas, Ligurian sea, winter sunshine, the Italian pace of life – and now even more choices for morning espresso and our daily dose of focaccia.

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