Fresh paint for a new season

It’s an exciting time in Santa Margherita, February marks the start of the new season. Or at least getting ready for it.

If the shops haven’t opened as Santa Margherita awakens from its January hibernation, you can be sure that they’re still closed for renovations for the coming season.

There is activity everywhere you look, and for what you can’t see through the covered up windows you are reassured with signs that there is reconstruction happening out of sight.

You could be a little bothered by the sounds of drilling, sanding or banging. If you really wanted to, I guess. But thankfully this is Italy and the working hours are minimal and only during the day, and not even during siesta.

It’s really not a bother though, it’s more exciting as you wonder what’s in stall for the coming season.

Where else can you witness such a commitment to starting a new season fresh and new.

Behind those covered up windows, under the covered up scaffolding, you wonder what will appear. What exciting new business or restored and rejuvenated old business is coming.

Restaurants, boutique stores, hotels… it’s hard to know but what you do know is that the new season is coming and Santa Margherita will be ready.

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