Coffee tips for Santa Margherita Ligure

Something a little different for my blog, an infographic. Since moving to the Italian Riviera’s Santa Margherita it strikes me that whilst there is a plethora of cafes wherever you go in Italy. More often than not it is difficult to choose one from the bunch.

After living in Santa Margherita we have tried many cafe’s coffee – often once, twice, three times a day!Whilst I currently have the freedom to have multiple cups a day I know what it is like to have to limit your daily caffeine intake. If this is the case you don’t want to go wasting your daily buzz on one that is less than perfect.

The below coffee choices are our favourites and we frequent them at least on a weekly basis – let’s be honest it’s more than that!

Remember always take your coffee at the bar with the locals and don’t pay three times the price for table service – unless of course you want to.


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