Ramblings: There’s no work/life balance, it’s just life

Once you’ve found your ‘La dolce vita’ – and no, it may not just be in Italy for everyone.

It’s now been almost two years of living in the remarkable little corner of the world that we stumbled on – by accident of course. It’s changed me, changed my path, changed my drivers and changed my rhythm.

Now when I travel, I dream of coming home – here to Santa Margherita. It’s a surreal place, Ligurian mountains nestled in the bay of Tigullio. You’ve got the Med on one side and a massive national park on the other. We’re a stone’s throw from the lustre of Portofino and the Instagramable Cinque Terre – although to be honest the whole Ligurian coast is Instagramable.

But it’s not these qualities that have resonated with my soul, it is the way of life. The Italian cultural embrace that we have found in this little niche paradise. Yes locals may tell you it’s a small town, with a small town mindset. But I am either oblivious to this, or as an outsider am unaffected.

I thought I was a city-girl, loved to be lost in the crowd. Anonymous.

Ramblings: Is a new series, where I will share my random musings from living my remarkable digital nomadic lifestyle on the Italian Riviera.

And then… every day here I re-enact what feels like the opening song of Beauty and the Beast’s – Belle. ‘Ciao‘ and ‘Buongiorno‘ everywhere. Genuine questions of ‘where is your son’?, “why are you on your own today?”… whatever the means to spark up a point of interest, commonality, camaraderie. A daily reassurance that someone’s got your back.

And I love it. It’s this constant reminder that you’re part of a whole. I feel like before as an ‘anonymous’ city-girl I was constantly overwhelmed by this incessant need to ‘prove’ who I was – or accept the dreaded label – ‘introvert’.

But I digress, it’s a beautiful thing really, this rhythm. The sound of life everywhere. You hear it amplified here. Not in an over bearing way, you just know it’s there. Noticeable, background noise. Life! Beautiful life.

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