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Who is George Brown?

George was my grandpa, he was/is my superhero. Larger than life, an amazing person full of passion and determination. He was an inventor, a problem solver, a genius – or more simply my Pop.

My memory of him shall always remain that of a young child admiring a great man.

Mrs Brown is my grandma – or so George would call her. Her name is not Brown, nor has it ever been – other than when my grandpa would call out for her. She is Wilma, my Nan.

George and Mrs Brown make up two of my greatest role models and to them I am forever grateful.

George and Mrs Brown are my inspiration for making a travel photography blog, sharing my tales and photos of my travel experience. I am merely the photographer behind the camera.

In this scooting blur you can find an ‘impromptu-selfie’ of George Brown and Co, a moment captured at the perfect time. A travel scene that would have otherwise gone unseen.


See some of the views from George Brown’s travels.

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