5 villages to kickstart my wanderlust

Cinque Terre was my awesome introduction to Italy 15 years ago, I’ve since returned and my wanderlust for both Cinque Terre and Italy remain.

My first visit had me working backwards – or forwards if you will – from Riamaggiore through to Monterosso al Mare. Continue reading 5 villages to kickstart my wanderlust


H20 just add lime & sugar

Sometimes all you need to rejuvenate is a glass of H20, in Italy I take my water with bubbles… acqua frizzante. But in Vietnam Itake my sparkling water with lime and sugar.

A quest to Andalusia

A quest to discover Ronda in Spain‘s Andalusia. I discovered Ronda by googling random pictures of Spain on my countdown to my Spanish voyage. And by chance stumbled across the impressive village of Ronda, a place that would have otherwise been unknown became part of my quest to discover Andalusia.

The art of reflection

The highlight of the shot is mirrored in the reflection.