In 2011 my passion for all things Italy started – after previous fleeting visits to major Italian cities – I embarked on a memorable Italian road trip.

Discovering the country from north to south, a love for the Italian way of life – the food, the culture – grew. With the abundance of delicious Italian food I was absolutely glutinous when it came to eating. What more could you ask for when the food available is the food that the whole world unquestioningly seeks wherever they go.

Wonderful days started with perfect espressos, meal after meal of Italian feasts and finally amazing photographic adventures.

Click thumbnails for full image.


Siena_s1 Siena_s2 Siena_s3 Siena_s4 Siena_s6
Siena_s7 Siena_s8


Milan_s1 Milan_s2 Milan_s3 Milan_s4 Milan_s5
Milan_s6 Milan_s7 Milan_s8 Milan_s9 Milan_s10
Milan_s11 Milan_s12 Milan_s13 Milan_s14

Cinque Terre

CinqueTerre_s1 CinqueTerre_s2 CinqueTerre_s3 CinqueTerre_s4 CinqueTerre_s5
CinqueTerre_s7 CinqueTerre_s8 CinqueTerre_s9 CinqueTerre_s10 CinqueTerre_s11
CinqueTerre_s12 CinqueTerre_s13 CinqueTerre_s14 CinqueTerre_s15 CinqueTerre_s16
CinqueTerre_s17 CinqueTerre_s18 CinqueTerre_s19 CinqueTerre_s20


Florence_s1 Florence_s2 Florence_s3 Florence_s4 Florence_s6
Florence_s5 Florence_s7 Florence_s8 Florence_s9 Florence_s10
Florence_s11 Florence_s13 Florence_s12 Florence_s14 Florence_s15
Florence_s16 Florence_s17 Florence_s19 Florence_s20 Florence_s18


Rome_s1 Rome_s2 Rome_s3 Rome_s4 Rome_s5
Rome_s6 Rome_s7 Rome_s8 Rome_s9 Rome_s10
Rome_s11 Rome_s12 Rome_s13 Rome_s14 Rome_s15

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