Coffee tips for Santa Margherita Ligure

Something a little different for my blog, an infographic. Since moving to the Italian Riviera’s Santa Margherita it strikes me that whilst there is a plethora of cafes wherever you go in Italy. More often than not it is difficult to choose one from the bunch.

After living in Santa Margherita we have tried many cafe’s coffee – often once, twice, three times a day! Continue reading “Coffee tips for Santa Margherita Ligure”


Kid safe travel hacks

The life of a digital nomad with a toddler can be worrisome. Sometimes temporary homes do not provide the same level of toddler safety that you might have fitted out in a long-term home.

Yes, it is true that you could buy anything from the internet these days. But in my opinion often toddler safety products can be as temporary as a digital nomad’s home. And they can come with a hefty – what I like to call – ‘I have a child expensive price tag’. The life of a digital nomad doesn’t always come with the assumed disposable income of a well-to-do parent. Continue reading “Kid safe travel hacks”

A corporate affliction

This post is a personal account of how the corporate life is not the right career fit for me, I am not by any means suggesting there is something wrong with corporate careers. There can be fantastic career opportunities in the corporate world it is just for me the personal fit is not there.

I am currently living the Italian dream and soaking up life on the Italian Riviera. Technically I’m unemployed, or perhaps even a stay-at-home-mum – cringing at the term. Continue reading “A corporate affliction”

Descending into the heart of Camogli: A photo walk

Arriving in Camogli by train you encounter her at first as a somewhat non-descript Italian town. But as you descend into her streets, down to her heart, her quaint charm rises up to meet you. Continue reading “Descending into the heart of Camogli: A photo walk”