A framing column

Angkor Wat is a masterpiece from any angle with so much detail it can be difficult to decide what to focus on. In this shot the columns stole the show when they framed the shot.

The flat and narrow of it

The narrow Flatiron building in NYC. As a Friends enthusiast I often saw the Flatiron building on the show and always dreamed of seeing it. While my last trip to NYC was not the first time that I saw the building, it was the first time that I truly appreciated its beauty.

The Flatiron district is fast becoming my favourite place to stay in NYC too, having opted for Hell’s Kitchen on my last trip to be closer to Madison Square Garden and the Best Bagel place  – Best Bagel and Coffee, 225 W 35th St – in NYC.

I would have been happier in the Flatiron district especially after stumbling across La Pecora Bianca. A great restaurant for brunch and coffee, just like I would have back home in Melbourne. Be careful though its busy, well worth the wait though. We were seated at the bar near the kitchen as we couldn’t get a table.

A very detailed door

Door knockers in Florence are a highlight for city strolls, rich with history and full of intricate details.

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