Koh Klang – Thailand

I had long avoided southern Thailand believing that I would not enjoy the popular tourist destination. I felt like southern Thailand was a place for party style tourists who enjoyed the convenience of stylish resorts at bargain basement prices.

I always believed I was just not a ‘resort‘ type of tourist. But then we went to Koh Klang. Koh Klang was an amazing find just across the Krabi River from the main town of Krabi. What I learned from Koh Klang was that it is indeed possible to enjoy both traditional culture and also the natural wonders of southern Thailand.  And as an added bonus you can also avoid the busy tourist area of Krabi itself.


Firstly Koh Klang showed me that I could indeed enjoy a resort, we stayed at Islanda Eco Village Resort – it was perfect. It was not your traditional mainland resort and had only a few bungalows, the location was quite isolated on a small island. Yes, Islanda had the obligatory swimming pool and dining facilities of any modern resort  but I think Islanda’s appeal was that it was far from a traditional resort and more like staying in a local village. Krabi_5

Koh Klang itself was a quiet island and whilst it was only across the river from the mainland it was a different world from Krabi. Koh Klang is primarily made up of fishing villages, there are no roads on the island which has the added bonus of no traffic. Well there are roads but what passes for roads are merely paths not much wider than footpaths. Only wide enough to fit a tuk tuk – and only in the one direction.

The island is so small you can ride from one side to the other in about half an hour, although with the oppressive heat this can take a little longer. Krabi_23I seemed to comfortably melt into the resort/village lifestyle and we did not leave the island for a week, simply lazing by the pool, reading by the palms or even more enticing taking afternoon naps in the bungalow after long lunches.

I would be remiss not to mention the wonderful food on offer at Islanda – I have always been hesitant when it comes to eating out in Asia. Not because of the normal food safety concerns – although they are of course there – but more-so for my own dietary requirements. At Islanda I had nothing to worry about.

The resort owners could account for all of their ingredients with most being home grown or sourced from the island itself. The food was an absolute highlight! Everything was fresh and full of bold flavours. Not only could you taste every ingredient individually but it also formed part of an amazing combined flavour – Indulgence. And most importantly, what you saw was what you got. No hidden mystery ingredients masquerading as something else.

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Krabi_s2 Krabi_s5 Krabi_s3 Krabi_s4 Krabi_s9
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KRABI_S18 Krabi_s21 Krabi_s12 Krabi_s20 Krabi_s19
Krabi_s24 Krabi_s11

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Hoi An – Vietnam

Hoi An was a pleasant surprise in Vietnam, a last minute addition to our Asian trip that was well worth the effort.

Beautiful colonial architecture mingled with Vietnamese culture provided a photographer’s delight.


Then when you need to take some time out from the oppressive heat there is a multitude of great restaurants offering delicious wholesome food. My favourite was Miss Ly‘s, they get extra points after I was assured that the vegetarian pho was indeed made with vegetable stock – a concern that I had all over Vietnam was that my vegetarian food was being tainted with a non vegetarian based stock. Not a concern at Miss Ly’s!

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HoiAn_s2 HoiAn_s1 HoiAn_s3 HoiAn_s4 HoiAn_s5
HoiAn_s6 HoiAn_s7 HoiAn_S9 HoiAn_s10 HoiAn_s11
HoiAn_s12 HoiAn_s13 HoiAn_s14

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Hanoi – Vietnam

Due to the amazing hospitality that we found in Hanoi this post is somewhat longer than normal, I wanted to share a few anecdotal stories, stories that demonstrate the friendly nature of the people from Hanoi – Hanoians.

To say that our first night in Hanoi was a bit of a disappointment would  be an understatement. We had inadvertently chosen a hotel in a business area rather than in the centre of the city or anywhere within walking distance of anything notable – the atmosphere was far from the Hanoi we had read so much about.

To make things worse we had made our hotel reservation for the wrong night and with it being quite late in the night we had to stay where we were. One last blow was having to pay the rack rate for a hotel that we would otherwise have passed by.

Just when we thought we could settle for the night – with some dreadful last-minute room service at shockingly high prices – we also received email notification that our Ha Long Bay tour was to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. Our attempts to contact the tourist booking office to try to re-book were met with no response.

Disappointed by our location and our accommodation booking error it was going to be tough to get Hanoi back on track.

As our time in Hanoi was limited and we really wanted to get out to Ha Long Bay, for at least a day trip, we thought first and foremost we should sort out our tour and all else could be managed around that – including a new hotel to stay in. Applying some Australian logic we endeavoured to find our way down to the tour booking office and try to somehow get ourselves out to Ha Long Bay.

Our Australian logic would not work in Hanoi – the listed address for the tour booking office was not a tour office at all.

We were greeted out the front of the building by a man on a scooter named ‘Curly’. He asked us why we were there – this was clearly not a place for tourists. We explained our situation to him and he advised that this was just the booking company and they did not have an office as such, it was simply a processing office. Nonetheless he still invited us to come upstairs and offered to help us contact the tour company.

We arrived upstairs to find a small back office, the entire staff were sitting down to lunch on the floor surrounding a gas cooker heating up their lunch – a complete banquet of food! Curly invited us to join him and the others for lunch while he contacted the tour company. We were offered all sorts of food to eat and local beer to drink, it was fantastic home cooked meals prepared at earlier to be shared amongst the office workers. Everyone ate the same lunch and ate it together.

We were introduced to foods we had never seen and some we couldn’t recognise. We were encouraged to try everything. Thankfully they were all absolutely understanding of my being a vegetarian – this however just meant my husband had to eat my share of all the food I could not.

Curly arranged for us to get on a one day tour the next day with the tour company and even allowed us to sit at one of the workers computers to check some emails on the internet.

The last kind gesture from Curly was when walking us out he asked where we were staying, we told him we had nothing booked considering our disappointment from the night before. Curly suggested two hotels for us to stay at that were located in the most amazing area of Hanoi. Both were in the old quarter, ideal for me as an architectural photographer. We were about to set out to the suggested hotels when Curly told us to go back upstairs and book on the internet so that we didn’t have to pay rack rate. We got the most amazing price for the most amazing hotel. Thank you Curly!

We did get to experience Ha Long Bay, with an early start the next day. Whilst it was impressive to see the natural beauty and to visit the local floating villages,  the constant flow of tourist boats perhaps taking away some of the awe that I was anticipating.

Back to Hanoi for us.

Our hotel positioned us in the perfect location in Hanoi, it had everything we had been looking for.

Confession time. I must shamefully admit that we also found the most amazing Italian restaurant right around the corner from our hotel – just apposite Hanoi’s very own Notre Dame cathedral.


MediHanoi_6terraneo server up traditional Italian dishes using many imported ingredients from Italy. Fantastic owners passionate about all things Italy as well as Vietnam. Whilst we enjoyed the fresh Vietnamese food immensely, after three weeks of Vietnamese cuisine our Western palate was craving some familiar flavours. As lovers of Italian food at the best of times we sort out our comfort food – I could not bear the thought of eating another bite of intense flavours of coriander or Vietnamese mint.

One final encounter with the amazing Hanoian hospitality was one afternoon on our way back to the hotel from the Italian restaurant (we became regulars at this restaurant throughout our stay). It had started to drizzle, but we were no more than three blocks or so from our hotel so decided to make a quick dash for it.

Poor choice in Hanoi. The rain in Vietnam can come down with such force that wherever the falling rain may have missed will surely get you when it bounces back up from the ground to finish off the job – you will be saturated within seconds. We had barely made it 20 meters down the road and were forced to take shelter in a doorway.

To our surprise the roller door behind us opened up and two young girls gestured for us to come in from the rain. We found ourselves in a small art shop selling wall prints. Whilst the girls could not speak English and my ability to count to five in Vietnamese was getting us nowhere the girls pulled out some plastic stools for us to sit on. They also somehow managed to get me to understand that they were going to wrap my camera bag in a plastic bag to save it from the rain. They wrapped it in such an ingenious way that I was still able to carry my camera bag over my shoulder, safe from the rain within the plastic bag.

We waited out the rain, the girls knowing more about the Vietnamese weather conditions than we did let us know when it was safe to venture back out into the street.

Hanoi_s1 Hanoi_s2 Hanoi_s4 Hanoi_s5 Hanoi_s6
Hanoi_s7 Hanoi_s8 Hanoi_s9 Hanoi_s10 Hanoi_s11
Hanoi_s12 Hanoi_s13 Hanoi_s14 Hanoi_s15 Hanoi_s16
Hanoi_s18 Hanoi_s17 Hanoi_s19 Hanoi_s20

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