A circle of delight

And even though we weren’t in France, when it comes to afternoon tea what better way to indulge than on a delicious macaron.

In Bologna one can find these delicious circular wonders at Zanarini: Piazza Galvani, 1, 40124 Bologna, Italy.

Live Florence: In search of sourdough

If you are craving a wonderfully crusty, dense, doughy sourdough for breakfast in Florence you had better find something else to crave.

When people ask me what I have missed the most while living in Florence my answer is always ‘bread‘. I am then usually berated by comments that ‘Italy has wonderful bread!‘. No doubt, it does. They have great bread. However it is just not the bread that I am after. Continue reading “Live Florence: In search of sourdough”

Baguettes, for when you’re on the way to anywhere in France

On the way to anywhere in France I found myself starting the journey with a freshly baked artisan baguette. The baguette was the often the highlight of many of my days. I love baguettes!