Names lost in translation

Travelling can be fun and also challenging, often language barriers can become a tumultuous experience at times.

Names can especially be difficult across various cultures. This is our table card for a dinner reservation in Bali – Mr Mark. Let’s just say when I got married I didn’t become Mrs Mark.

Balinese inspired relaxation

Sometimes it all just gets to be a bit too much and overwhelms you. When convinced – not that it takes much – to jet-off and find some R&R.

And sometimes that R&R needs to be done in style, these are the massage tables in my private Airbnb villa in South Kuta. What a wonderful surprise Bali was for me – see my post All Bali, no Kuta.

Daily Post photo challenge catch up: Creepy, beneath our feet and inspiration

Creepy spider infestation in Ungasan, Bali.

I have been travelling and missed a few weeks of the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, so here are the last two in one bumper edition working backwards…

Flash back to last week’s challenge and let’s take a look at what’s beneath our feet.


Underneath this bridge in Paris is a wonderful example of picturesque functional design.


Flash back two week’s to inspiration. What inspires me? Travel of course… and the journey along the way, what we stumble across and the espresso we find 🙂

Italian Colozione
Italian Colozione

The finer details of Bali

Up-close with an ephemeral Balinese flower, this delicate little flower opened up by the pool side in the morning and by evening had wilted away under the oppressive humidity.

Also see my blog post All Bali, No Kuta.