The change of season in Prague

Prague is beautiful in any season, but the change is dramatic. The scenery can vary greatly between the height of summer and the depth of winter.

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Prague enveloped in a winter haze

In the middle of winter the cold envelopes Prague in a haze of cloud and fog, the sun struggles to break through.


Prague in the winter

Prague in the winter is truly picturesque and despite the freezing temperatures I would argue the city is most idyllic with a winter hue.

The inspiring baroque architecture takes on a new life when covered with snow and the illuminating red-tiled roofs brighten misty scenes.

At times the cold seems unbearable, but when you have lost feeling in your toes you can duck into a cafe for a warm beverage. Then once the blood starts to flow freely again – you can venture back out again to enjoy the wondrous city.

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Also see Prague in the summer time.

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Prague – Czech Republic

In my mind Prague is arguably the most beautiful city in the world. Primarily I am an architectural photographer and Prague delivers magnificent baroque architecture around every corner. I think one would be hard placed to find a more picturesque city.

Prague seems almost out of a fairy tale, it has the ability to make you feel like you are living in a different time – a true ability to take you away from everyday life. Undoubtedly, Prague is one of those cities that I can return to over and over again and never be disappointed. Where you can always find another hidden wonder, or possibly the same wonder in a different season. I found the same locations to be equally amazing in summer and winter, but almost unrecognisable as the same place – two cities for the price of one.

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Also see Prague in the winter time.

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