Angkor Wat in Bangkok

Visiting the palace in Bangkok I unexpectedly stumbled across this truly remarkable miniature model of Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat. Every tiny attention to detail was amazing, without perspective you could imagine that this could have been the real Angkor Wat in all of its glory.

A framing column

Angkor Wat is a masterpiece from any angle with so much detail it can be difficult to decide what to focus on. In this shot the columns stole the show when they framed the shot.

Broken temples, broken statues

Visiting the temples of Angkor I saw many broken things: temples, statues, trees. Different periods of time left their mark with various broken elements. Fallen temples recaptured by nature, only to have the trees cut down and be recaptured by man – to have nature take control again.

What was always refreshing however was the spirit of the people, amidst the broken temples were smiling children.


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The intricacies of design

The work of a what I can only assume was a crab on the beach in Koh Klang.

The detail is in the design

The weekly photo challenge: Intricate.


A Florentinian door knocker.


A park bench in Prague.


Balinese art work.


Ancient design in Siem Reap.