Koh Klang: An ambience of tranquility

Far from the rush of modern life I found myself immersed in the tranquil ambience of isolation. Koh Klang only a stones through from Thailand’s Krabi, but a million miles from its hectic tourist culture.

Resilience of spirit

A woman in traditional dress in Cusco, hardened by circumstance but resilient nonetheless.

Balinese inspired relaxation

Sometimes it all just gets to be a bit too much and overwhelms you. When convinced – not that it takes much – to jet-off and find some R&R.

And sometimes that R&R needs to be done in style, these are the massage tables in my private Airbnb villa in South Kuta. What a wonderful surprise Bali was for me – see my post All Bali, no Kuta.

Angkor Wat in Bangkok

Visiting the palace in Bangkok I unexpectedly stumbled across this truly remarkable miniature model of Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat. Every tiny attention to detail was amazing, without perspective you could imagine that this could have been┬áthe real Angkor Wat in all of its glory.