Coffee tips for Santa Margherita Ligure

Something a little different for my blog, an infographic. Since moving to the Italian Riviera’s Santa Margherita it strikes me that whilst there is a plethora of cafes wherever you go in Italy. More often than not it is difficult to choose one from the bunch.

After living in Santa Margherita we have tried many cafe’s coffee – often once, twice, three times a day! Continue reading “Coffee tips for Santa Margherita Ligure”

Descending into the heart of Camogli: A photo walk

Arriving in Camogli by train you encounter her at first as a somewhat non-descript Italian town. But as you descend into her streets, down to her heart, her quaint charm rises up to meet you. Continue reading “Descending into the heart of Camogli: A photo walk”

Apostles no match for erosion

An amazing coastal drive along Victoria’s coast, the Great Ocean Road bears witness to a great force of nature.

Nature’s beautiful sculpture has been formed by wind and wave erosion.

Amalfi Coast – Italy

In previous trips to Italy I had never ventured further south than Rome, I had always been completely satisfied with the coastal towns of Cinque Terre.

I was not wrong. Cinque Terre is amazing and remains high on my list of travel destinations. The Amalfi Coast however has scale that Cinque Terre cannot compare with. There is a quaintness that Cinque Terre offers, with small picturesque villages dotted along the coastline. The Amalfi Coast equally has villages dotted along the coastline – in comparison though it offers much larger villages along a much larger coastline.

Sometimes on a holiday there are destinations on the itinerary that you don’t think too much about. On this trip to Italy the Amalfi Coast was one of those destinations. I knew I would love it and that is all I had planned. I had always heard how wonderful it was but had also heard one must see it before they can really appreciate how spectacular it is.

What a surprise. The Amalfi Coast is now one of those destinations I will never forget and I will always compare all subsequent destinations to it.

The azure skies and waters are simply breathtaking and with views from high up on the cliffs the mediterranean vistas can simply be admired.


Our hire care was not well suited to the narrow windy roads of the Amalfi Coast so we hired a scooter to discover the coast line. A decision well made. It was so much easier to get around on the scooter and it added to the atmosphere – scooting along the winding roads with the salty fresh air filling our lungs – Bliss.

Amalfi_20The other bonus of being on a scooter was that you could pull in anywhere along the road if you happened to see some scenery that you just couldn’t pass up – for me this happened far too often, we spent more time taking photos on the side of the road than driving.

We also discovered an amazing restaurant high up on the cliff just after Amalfi that had the most amazing pasta with the best Napoli sauce I have ever tasted – lets be honest though tomatoes in Italy are simply the best.

The Amalfi Coast met all of my expectations on day one and then each day after that I was taken somewhere I could never have imagined.

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Amalfi_s21 Amalfi_s20 Amalfi_s19 Amalfi_s18 Amalfi_s17
Amalfi_s16 Amalfi_s15 Amalfi_s14 Amalfi_s12 Amalfi_s10
Amalfi_s11 Amalfi_s9 Amalfi_s7 Amalfi_s8 Amalfi_s6
Amalfi_s5 Amalfi_s4 Amalfi_s3 Amalfi_s2 Amalfi_s1

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