A quest to Andalusia

A quest to discover Ronda in Spain‘s Andalusia. I discovered Ronda by googling random pictures of Spain on my countdown to my Spanish voyage. And by chance stumbled across the impressive village of Ronda, a place that would have otherwise been unknown became part of my quest to discover Andalusia.

The edge of Avignon

A bridge generally has no end, but the Pont d’Avignon – Saint Bénezet – has an end. Unlike other bridges that provide a crossing, meeting with roads or paths from start to finish. The Pont d’Avignon ends, creating somewhat of an edge to Avignon and her peak of life in history.

Avignon’s official tourism site explains the bridges history and how it came to stand today with its edge halfway across the Rhône. Continue reading The edge of Avignon

Market mornings

What better way to start your morning, or weekend for that matter, than at the fresh food market. The liveliness of the market will wake you up and the fresh produce will set you up for the week ahead.

A very detailed door

Door knockers in Florence are a highlight for city strolls, rich with history and full of intricate details.

See my full photo essay.