Prague enveloped in a winter haze

In the middle of winter the cold envelopes Prague in a haze of cloud and fog, the sun struggles to break through.


Bruges – Belgium

Bruges was one of those destinations that we stumbled upon, we had no real plans of visiting Bruges during our trip – our major destination was Spain. But when searching for the most economical way to get back to Amsterdam from the south of Spain to meet our return flight the train proved to be the best option. Well partially by train anyway.

Our train passed through Brussels rather than Bruges, but after doing some research we decided that we would rather stop by Bruges than Brussels – so one more train trip was on the agenda.


A worthwhile journey it proved to be.


We managed to miss the massive crowds of summer, visiting in October where the weather was still mild – although much cooler than the south of Spain. An impromptu purchase of winter woolies was essential.

The highlights of visiting Bruges in Autumn were the foggy mornings and misty days, this was in stark contrast to the dry weather in Spain.

Bruges is quite a small city but was very picturesque, I felt like Bruges provided everything that I was hoping to find in Amsterdam but did not. Bruges too has canals, but the quaintness of the city for me made it a more enjoyable city to wander around.

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