The perfect pair

Warm summer afternoons and cold beers, a good match – no the perfect match!

Throw in Granada’s the Alhambra and some light Spanish tapas and you can rest easy knowing you’ve got it as good as it gets.

Names lost in translation

Travelling can be fun and also challenging, often language barriers can become a tumultuous experience at times.

Names can especially be difficult across various cultures. This is our table card for a dinner reservation in Bali – Mr Mark. Let’s just say when I got married I didn’t become Mrs Mark.

H20 just add lime & sugar

Sometimes all you need to rejuvenate is a glass of H20, in Italy I take my water with bubbles… acqua frizzante. But in Vietnam Itake my sparkling water with lime and sugar.

Market mornings

What better way to start your morning, or weekend for that matter, than at the fresh food market. The liveliness of the market will wake you up and the fresh produce will set you up for the week ahead.