Board up, it’s the off-season

Some of France‘s most beautiful villages, featured on the Beaux Villages list turn from bustling tourist towns in the summer, crowded with tourists from everywhere. Into quiet and peaceful villages for locals to enjoy. Just as summer comes to a close, while the weather is still warm and autumn flowers start to bloom a tourist can enjoy the off-season with some room to move.

Eguisheim_7 Eguisheim_8 Colmar_4 Colmar_3

Provence_13 Provence_7 Provence_4



One vivid Autumn in Annecy

Autumn in France is a spectacle, the vivid colours of the autumnal blooms are beautiful. A drive around Lake Annecy and I had plethora of shots filled with vibrant blooms.



Baguettes, for when you’re on the way to anywhere in France

On the way to anywhere in France I found myself starting the journey with a freshly baked artisan baguette. The baguette was the often the highlight of many of my days. I love baguettes!









Light ’em up – A series of street lamps Part 1

You can tell a lot about a city by its street lamps. After reviewing my photo archive I realised that I have many photos of street lamps, some where the lamp is the feature and some where a street lamp has snuck into my shot – and in some cases snuck in and become the main attraction.

Part one photos are from Spain and France and one from a day trip to Germany – see if you can find it, hint it was raining.

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Lamp_alsace_2 Lamp_Amsterdam Lamp_Annecy_2
Lamp_Annecy_3 Lamp_alsace Lamp_Valencia


Lamp_beauj Lamp_bruges Lamp_Freiburg
Lamp_Granada_2 Lamp_Granada_3 Lamp_granada
Lamp_Lyon Lamp_Malaga_2 Lamp_Malaga
Lamp_Montpellier Lamp_Paris_1 Lamp_Paris_6

Lamp_paris_3 Lamp_paris_5 Lamp_paris_7

Lamp_Paris_8 Lamp_paris Lamp_seville_4
Lamp_Valencia_2 Lamp_seville_5 Lamp_Avignon_2