Coffee tips for Santa Margherita Ligure

Something a little different for my blog, an infographic. Since moving to the Italian Riviera’s Santa Margherita it strikes me that whilst there is a plethora of cafes wherever you go in Italy. More often than not it is difficult to choose one from the bunch.

After living in Santa Margherita we have tried many cafe’s coffee – often once, twice, three times a day! Continue reading “Coffee tips for Santa Margherita Ligure”

Live Florence: Eat for the season

Looking for strawberries in winter. Not in Florence.

At home we are used to having whatever we want whenever we want – in terms of fresh produce from the supermarket. Of course we might pay more or compromise on freshness. Continue reading “Live Florence: Eat for the season”

Espresso musings

My photography muse must be coffee, a wonderful cup of magical espresso to start any day and any photo adventure. When I scroll through my photo albums each day seems to start with a delicious espresso. I see its golden goodness and can’t help but take a photo to attempt to capture its perfection a little longer. I cannot resist a great espresso shot!


Italian Colozione
Italian Colozione