Funding my digital nomadic existence

The life of a digital nomad, bliss and happiness. Right? No worries in the world, just great food, great photos and constant sunshine. 

But how can you live the carefree life of a nomad for as long as your heart desires?

The good intentions of being a digital nomad quickly fade away as you become victim to the same pitfalls as a static life.  Continue reading “Funding my digital nomadic existence”


Kid safe travel hacks

The life of a digital nomad with a toddler can be worrisome. Sometimes temporary homes do not provide the same level of toddler safety that you might have fitted out in a long-term home.

Yes, it is true that you could buy anything from the internet these days. But in my opinion often toddler safety products can be as temporary as a digital nomad’s home. And they can come with a hefty – what I like to call – ‘I have a child expensive price tag’. The life of a digital nomad doesn’t always come with the assumed disposable income of a well-to-do parent. Continue reading “Kid safe travel hacks”

Too many focal points can lead to confusion

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve taken part in the WordPress photo challenge, I’ve been both busy and travelling.

This week I return with a renewed focus, but with a picture from my home in Florence. Our grand door in all of its glory – both in and out of focus. A perfect representation of my time in Florence. The door always open.

Security set in iron

You can rest assured behind these iron gates, not only aesthetic but also safe and secure. Security done well in Florence.