Shibuya: A frequent migration

The orderly chaos of Tokyo can be witnessed here at the famous Shibuya crossing. Intermittently this huge intersection – empty of people – filled with only passing traffic is transformed into a sea of orderly, fast-paced pedestrians.

It really is amazing to witness, something that just works against all odds. The movement of the people highlights the transient nature of such a place, nobody is here to stay – only here to wait until the next light sequence permits an escape.

Too many focal points can lead to confusion

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve taken part in the WordPress photo challenge, I’ve been both busy and travelling.

This week I return with a renewed focus, but with a picture from my home in Florence. Our grand door in all of its glory – both in and out of focus. A perfect representation of my time in Florence. The door always open.

Security set in iron

You can rest assured behind these iron gates, not only aesthetic but also safe and secure. Security done well in Florence.

A road but not as we know it

The road taken, I thought about this photo challenge for a while. Because really, the road taken is anywhere you’ve ever been – a literal road or perhaps a path.

Then I remembered a road that I stumbled across on my travels through Thailand. What to most of us looks like a footpath is the actual only thoroughfare on the tiny island of Koh Klang. The only local traffic is made up of bikes, scooters and tuk tuks. It travels from north to south of the island and through virtue of being the only road on the island is inadvertently the only road taken.