A graceful meeting, heavens and earth

Gracefully blurring the lines on the horizon.

In this picture at Lake Annecy it is hard to know weather the heavens have come down to meet the mountains or the earth is rising up to meet the heavens.

Splitting the view: half real, half reflection

Koh Klang
Koh Klang

A beautiful sunrise in Koh Klang Thailand. Fifty per cent reality, fifty per cent reflection.

One vivid Autumn in Annecy

Autumn in France is a spectacle, the vivid colours of the autumnal blooms are beautiful. A drive around Lake Annecy and I had plethora of shots filled with vibrant blooms.



Reward: Gelato after a day in the sun

After a long day traversing the globe in the sun, the reward is delicious gelato!

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