Resilience of spirit

A woman in traditional dress in Cusco, hardened by circumstance but resilient nonetheless.

The great anticipation of an unknown path

This week I’m going to ‘kill two birds’ – I missed last weeks challenge – but i think that path and anticipation go hand in hand. How often does the end of path not reveal itself at its onset? Sometimes we start following new paths with the greatest sense of both apprehension and anticipation.

This photo is from San Gimignano, a path that seems obscurely small but with a framed picture at the end of someone else’s everyday.

An escape for all of the senses in suburban Florence

For me travel has always been my escape, my escape from normal life. You can go anywhere as long as it is not home, not routine and not normal. So I can make my happy place almost anywhere that is far from home and free of all of my belongings.

It doesn’t have to be rural or serene, I can find my escape anywhere that is different. Preferably where English can be left behind. You can simply watch life, see it pass you by and only understand what you choose from the situation.

Taking a long escape from reality I found myself in suburban Florence, what looks like something non-descript is actually an experience for all of the senses and as much as I love photography, I have found that it is not completely able to capture the experience that this photo conveys to me.

Here in this neighbourhood late on a Sunday morning something wonderful happens. You can’t see it but it is there, filling your nose. It is the wonderful smell of fresh sugo cooking; it comes from everywhere and fills the courtyard.

And if that is not enough on any given day – often early in the morning or late in the afternoon you can hear singing – singing echoing through the courtyard; singing in the street; singing on the bus. Usually from a man and he can be young or old. Is he so deliriously happy that he can’t contain his song or is he simply just content with life.


To simply watch the passers-by taking part in life that is so foreign to your own is a wonderful visual experience. Life and routine that revolves around customs and cultures that are so different to your everyday life have a calming effect.

For as little as 80 euro cents you can start your day with espresso, just follow the locals.
For as little as 80 euro cents you can start your day with espresso, just follow the locals.

What better place to watch life pass you by than on your very own balcony – a birds-eye view of the life below. And it is here that I can feel the warm Tuscan sun simply kissing my skin making me feel warm and welcome.

And to end this escape of the senses in suburban Florence we are left to taste the wonders of Italian food. Consuming that awesome sugo that you have smelled cooking all morning warms the soul like nothing else.