A soggiorno in a Sicilian satellite city

Italy is known for its northern wonders, perhaps more so than its southern wonders. The tourists flock to the northern attractions and often miss the south entirely. And even then, those that venture south only happen by the star attractions missing much of the south.

It is true that the south – and I’m talking the very south, Sicily – can be more difficult to tackle as a tourist than her northern counterparts. But your efforts will be repaid in a rich cultural experience. Continue reading “A soggiorno in a Sicilian satellite city”

Fresh paint for a new season

It’s an exciting time in Santa Margherita, February marks the start of the new season. Or at least getting ready for it.

If the shops haven’t opened as Santa Margherita awakens from its January hibernation, you can be sure that they’re still closed for renovations for the coming season. Continue reading “Fresh paint for a new season”

Live Florence: A roof over your head

So you’re planning on staying in Florence for a prolonged period of time? Need a place to stay? Have you considered airbnb?

We would have stayed in an airbnb apartment for our entire stay if we could have found one available for the entire stay. This was the challenge, so I would recommend booking early.


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Live Florence: Maintaining your facade

Where on earth can I buy decent moisturiser in Florence…

If you find yourself in Florence for a prolonged period of time – or maybe you just didn’t bring enough supplies for a short period of time – you might start wandering where you can replenish your toiletries supply.

It is not as simple as you might think, at first glance Florence does not have an equivalent to the likes of Priceline, or so it might seem if you are in the heart of Florence.

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