Market mornings

What better way to start your morning, or weekend for that matter, than at the fresh food market. The liveliness of the market will wake you up and the fresh produce will set you up for the week ahead.

A Bolognese stroll

On a weekend trip from Florence I was fortunate enough to discover Bologna. Bologna was almost the city where I was going to base myself in Italy during my prolonged stay – Florence won as I’d been there several times before and knew how much I loved it.

Now with hindsight i can honestly say that I would have loved Bologna just as much. And perhaps even a little bit more – maybe I was just enjoying the city with the view of a traveller though. As I do not regret having chosen Florence.

But Bologna’s beauty catches your eye as soon as you arrive, for me it was from the Bologna Centrale train station. As far as Italian train stations go it was very average, nothing that would let you know what you were in for once you step out onto the street. Continue reading “A Bolognese stroll”

Live Florence: Eat for the season

Looking for strawberries in winter. Not in Florence.

At home we are used to having whatever we want whenever we want – in terms of fresh produce from the supermarket. Of course we might pay more or compromise on freshness. Continue reading “Live Florence: Eat for the season”

The vibrance of Granite Siciliane

A food cart in the Firenze Central Market, coloured with such vibrance to match the wonderful flavour of the Granita and other Siciliano produce on offer.

These wonders are from Arà è Sicilia – an amazing Sicilian restaurant in Florence that makes their seasonal produce available at the Florence Central Market via this food cart, but also at one of the food court stalls.

You can also try fantastic arancini or traditional canolli!