Cleaning up Italy’s garbage

As a foreigner Italy’s garbage disposal procedure can be annoying, confronting and at times down-right stinky.

When confronted with the idea of having to walk my household garbage down the street to the nearest garbage bins I was immediately taken a back. The thought of parading my garbage across the piazza for all to see and assess was a little overwhelming. That was my feeling several years ago anyway, when I first moved to Florence. Continue reading “Cleaning up Italy’s garbage”

Green spaces amongst the Tuscan colours

After months in a city like Florence a person can start to miss the colour green. Until you realise that she has her own green spaces, this one is park cascine only a stone’s throw from the city centre.

Live Florence: Green spaces in the heart of Florence

Sometimes it might seem that Florence is nothing more than a concrete jungle with a few manicured piazzas breaking up the architecture.

This is not the case, we found quite a few green spaces that you could enjoy and escape the seemingly endless concrete.

I would say the most remarkable green space that we found was Cascine Park, about 130 hectares of green space stretching along the bank of the Arno. And the best bit… It’s FREE!!  Continue reading “Live Florence: Green spaces in the heart of Florence”

Apostles no match for erosion

An amazing coastal drive along Victoria’s coast, the Great Ocean Road bears witness to a great force of nature.

Nature’s beautiful sculpture has been formed by wind and wave erosion.