The great anticipation of an unknown path

This week I’m going to ‘kill two birds’ – I missed last weeks challenge – but i think that path and anticipation go hand in hand. How often does the end of path not reveal itself at its onset? Sometimes we start following new paths with the greatest sense of both apprehension and anticipation.

This photo is from San Gimignano, a path that seems obscurely small but with a framed picture at the end of someone else’s everyday.

A fork in the road

George Brown returns to the photo challenge this week after 6 weeks of no internet connection. Upon returning home to Australia reconnecting to the ‘real world‘ has taken much longer than anticipated.

How appropriate that on my first week back to the Word Press photo challenge there is a challenge so well suited to my returning home and leaving my Florentinian adventure.

My choice of photo is a fork in the road in Granada, representing Robert Frost’s famous poem: ‘The Road Not Taken‘. What I like most about this picture is that neither road represents a path obviously any better than the other and such is often true of life – you never know the path you didn’t take.

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