A graceful meeting, heavens and earth

Gracefully blurring the lines on the horizon.

In this picture at Lake Annecy it is hard to know weather the heavens have come down to meet the mountains or the earth is rising up to meet the heavens.

Names lost in translation

Travelling can be fun and also challenging, often language barriers can become a tumultuous experience at times.

Names can especially be difficult across various cultures. This is our table card for a dinner reservation in Bali – Mr Mark. Let’s just say when I got married I didn’t become Mrs Mark.

Fruiting trees tell the tale of seasonal transition

You can always count on nature to put on a wonderful display when it is time to transition between seasons. Here in Tuscany the autumn leaves have turned and fallen and persimmon season is upon us.

The intricacies of design

The work of a what I can only assume was a crab on the beach in Koh Klang.

The detail is in the design

The weekly photo challenge: Intricate.


A Florentinian door knocker.


A park bench in Prague.


Balinese art work.


Ancient design in Siem Reap.