A road but not as we know it

The road taken, I thought about this photo challenge for a while. Because really, the road taken is anywhere you’ve ever been – a literal road or perhaps a path.

Then I remembered a road that I stumbled across on my travels through Thailand. What to most of us looks like a footpath is the actual only thoroughfare on the tiny island of Koh Klang. The only local traffic is made up of bikes, scooters and tuk tuks. It travels from north to south of the island and through virtue of being the only road on the island is inadvertently the only road taken.

Koh Klang: An ambience of tranquility

Far from the rush of modern life I found myself immersed in the tranquil ambience of isolation. Koh Klang only a stones through from Thailand’s Krabi, but a million miles from its hectic tourist culture.

Long boats from every angle

Photos from every angle seems like the perfect photo challenge for me. I often find myself taking a series of shots from multiple angles. Walking past something that has caught my eye and then seeing it from a different angle only to be intrigued again.

A morning stroll along the southern shores of Koh Samui, I find myself in this very position taking various shots of the long boats anchored near the shore.

Splitting the view: half real, half reflection

Koh Klang
Koh Klang

A beautiful sunrise in Koh Klang Thailand. Fifty per cent reality, fifty per cent reflection.