Live Florence: Eat for the season

Looking for strawberries in winter. Not in Florence.

At home we are used to having whatever we want whenever we want – in terms of fresh produce from the supermarket. Of course we might pay more or compromise on freshness. Continue reading “Live Florence: Eat for the season”

Live Florence: Green spaces in the heart of Florence

Sometimes it might seem that Florence is nothing more than a concrete jungle with a few manicured piazzas breaking up the architecture.

This is not the case, we found quite a few green spaces that you could enjoy and escape the seemingly endless concrete.

I would say the most remarkable green space that we found was Cascine Park, about 130 hectares of green space stretching along the bank of the Arno. And the best bit… It’s FREE!!  Continue reading “Live Florence: Green spaces in the heart of Florence”

Live Florence: Is the Piazza really the only public toilet?

One might walk around Florence and find there aren’t any public toilets, this can be particularly challenging if you’re pregnant. But based on my experience, and with Florence being a rather small city I am going to point out some toilets – arguably public and most importantly free.

There are some great toilets at Il Mercato Centrale, they’re usually clean and the food court at the market is open 10am to 12pm, 7 days a week. And being quite central this is a very convenient choice. Continue reading “Live Florence: Is the Piazza really the only public toilet?”

Live Florence: A roof over your head

So you’re planning on staying in Florence for a prolonged period of time? Need a place to stay? Have you considered airbnb?

We would have stayed in an airbnb apartment for our entire stay if we could have found one available for the entire stay. This was the challenge, so I would recommend booking early.


Continue reading “Live Florence: A roof over your head”