Hand picked olives

Recently I was fortunate enough to visit San Gimignano – a beautiful Tuscan village – and this would be our first time staying at an agriturismo. It was fantastic!

We stayed at Poggiacolle only a 10 minute drive outside of San Gimignano. It was peaceful and picturesque. The farmhouse was both warm and welcoming as well as being restored and furnished traditionally.





The hosts were lovely and despite there being a full house, I am guessing six or so rooms we rarely heard or saw anybody else. Except for small interactions in the breakfast room in the morning we were left to our own solitude.

The added benefit at Poggiacolle – if you time your stay appropriately – is that you can take part in the olive harvest. We managed to do just this and even though we didn’t get to see the olive oil making process, witnessing the harvest was just as interesting.


And would you believe the olives are hand picked! I think assumed that there would be some kind of machinery. But other than a a device to agitate the top of the trees that couldn’t be reached it was hand picking all the way. It was an eye-opening experience and despite the tough work was well worth the experience.








Treat yourself to the peace and quiet

Treat yourself to a weekend away in San Gimignano.

A medieval piazza encircled by a boundary of buildings

Lucca’s Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is encircled by a boundary of curved buildings.

Siena – Italy

In 2011 my passion for all things Italy started – after previous fleeting visits to major Italian cities – I embarked on a memorable Italian road trip.

Discovering the country from north to south, a love for the Italian way of life – the food, the culture – grew. With the abundance of delicious Italian food I was absolutely glutinous when it came to eating. What more could you ask for when the food available is the food that the whole world unquestioningly seeks wherever they go.

Wonderful days started with perfect espressos, meal after meal of Italian feasts and finally amazing photographic adventures.


Siena_s1 Siena_s2 Siena_s3 Siena_s4 Siena_s6
Siena_s7 Siena_s8

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